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October 24, 2010Critique on ‘issues in ICT’ group projectAbstractThis paper is a review of a project by a group of our classmates in which they were to discuss the issue of information and communication technology (ICT) in education. The paper includes a group critique on the project and two personal critiques on the same project. The critiques looks at the extent at which the issues have been discussed and has also recommended ways in which the issues could have been expounded by the group. IntroductionInformation communication technology (ICT) refers to the processing and the maintenance of data or information, the usage of the various types of computers, network, communication or mobile technology to convey information (Bauer & Kenton, 2005).

ICT has recently become a significant building block of the modern society. It is particularly becoming a strategic tool in the developing nations for accessing global education. ICT is now regarded by many countries as core component in the education system. The group appreciates the presence of ICT; they have also identified the many obstacles that could hinder the progress of the technology.

However, they have only looked at the issues of ICT in education based on one issue, the challenges in integrating ICT in education, while there are many issues such as sustainability, effectiveness, cost and equality of ICT that they could have discussed. Nevertheless, their discussion on the issue that they have mentioned is well presented. In their argument, they bring out ICT growth not going hand in hand with the current education status/needs. The efforts to advance the technology by governments and institutions are recognized in the project work, and this is true because according to recent studies nations all over the world are investing heavily in education and particularly in higher education after the realization of the unquantifiable benefits that this brings to an individual and the society.

The group project points out that even with these efforts by governments still the implementation of information and communication technology (ICT) are said not be at its peak potential. It is believed that ICT has the ability to positively impact on the performance of teachers and learners, thus having a major contribution in learning and in academic achievement.

According to recent researches, however, it is pointed out that ICT impact on student achievement is yielding few conclusive statements on the use of ICT in education. Further research shows that in industrialized nations, most of the advanced schools ICT are generally not taken as central in teaching and learning process. This confirms the statement that ICT is not effectively used despite the availability of infrastructure. The major reasons according to them could be due to the following reasons; 1. Teachers often feel that they do not have sufficient knowledge in order to use ICT effectively. 2.

A large knowledge gap exists between teachers and students, and between beginning and experienced teachers in terms of ICT expertise. 3. The current pedagogical practices of many teachers and curriculums of many schools do not make for effective teaching and learning practices in ICT.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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