Patient Satisfaction and Customer Relations – Essay Example

The paper "Patient Satisfaction and Customer Relations" is an exceptional example of an essay on nursing.
According to Yaacob (2014), the primary aim of firms focusing on their customers is to ensure customer satisfaction. However, he goes ahead to imply that customer relations or focus tend to achieve or affect more aspects than just customer satisfaction. Further, he states that customer satisfaction is the end result of employee satisfaction, cost benefits, and innovation. Just like business firms and organizations take the concept of customer satisfaction seriously, the health sector has inducted patient engagement activities in its routines. Patients possess a vital role to play in regard to their health and well-being (Coulter, 2012). Patients are more satisfied when they are engaged by the health professionals. Coulter further suggests that steps such as motivational interviewing, telephone counseling or setting up of helplines and personalized patient information all lead to patient satisfaction. When asked about their expectations or priorities, a lot of patients acknowledge that they expect reliable, safe, timely and effective health whenever they are in need of it. Thus, patient satisfaction in most cases signifies or is a valid indicator that the quality of health care provided is excellent (Schoenfelder, 2012).). A satisfied patient like a business customer will become loyal to the medical practitioner hence maintaining continued contact.
MEHTA & MEHTA (2013) on the other hand focused his analysis on employee engagement. He states that engaged employees lead to organizational productivity and customer satisfaction. Employee satisfaction or engagement is beneficial to an organization since it directly affects customer satisfaction, revenue generation, and goodwill. Neupane (2014) also focused his research on the relationship between customer satisfaction and the performance of a business. He found out that there is a positive relationship between business performance and customer satisfaction.