Patient Care – Essay Example

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The paper "Patient Care" is an outstanding example of a nursing essay. This is a very interesting and important article. The woman in question is upset at the unfeeling and nonchalant attitude of a mammography doctor. The important point she makes is that many of the interview questions asked in these sorts of situations do not have simple black and white answers and that efforts to make things overly simple are going to usually offend people. As the writer says so eloquently: intimate information requires an intimate answer. Part of the problem is clearly the overloading of the healthcare system.

Doctors see too many patients every day for them to empathize properly with every individual’ s problem. This is not good— patients need to feel as if they are cared for. They open themselves up in a doctor’ s office— both physically and emotionally— and they require that the response they receive from medical people is measured and appropriate. In the end, however, being busy is no excuse— as the writer says— we must all take the time to understand they position people are put in in a doctor’ s office: a position of vulnerability and they need to feel they can trust their medical practitioner.

More respect, please, people!

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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