Teaching Spanish in America – Essay Example

The paper "Teaching Spanish in English" is an outstanding example of an education essay. Due to the rapid increase in the amount of Spanish speaking that enrolls in American schools each year, it has become necessary to effectively communicate in Spanish with their parents. Spanish speaking parents need to be aware of how their wards are faring in school, therefore pertinent to effectively communicate with them to update them on this. The proper utilization of an effective communication technique that breaks the language barrier is very essential in communicating with Spanish speaking parents. Effective communication with Spanish parents in Spanish through a translator is important in several ways (Stein, 2003). Firstly, communicating effectively with Spanish parents in their native language goes a long way in bridging the gap between what they know and what they do not know about their kids’ academic performance. Secondly, effective communication with Spanish parents play a vital role in passing information about their children’s moral and behavioral conduct in school with the aim of soliciting for the parents support in curbing the student’s excesses, if any. Thirdly, the 2001 No Child Left Behind policy in schools by the Education board in America would ultimately be futile if the parents of these wards are not carried along, this is because the success of the program greatly lies on the interaction between the parents and their respective teachers. Under this program, parents are laden with the responsibility of monitoring the progress report of their children (Grant, & Murray, 2002). Conclusively, if teachers understand the fact that the duty of educating a child is not their sole responsibility, then they would recognize the need to effectively communicate with parents of not only Spanish descent, but other parents who speak a different language apart from English. This would help the minority children to record tremendous success in their academics.