The Relationship between Packaging Design and Brand Identity – Essay Example

Packaging exercise After spending a lengthy period in the store (supermarket), I chose milk as my packaged product of choice. This product of choice has an excellent package in terms of marketing communication. Appearance of this product’s package is critical as it has the potential in determining the success of the sales; this chocolate milk package has beyond reasonable doubts passed the excellent package test. This package communicates several things about this special product as highlighted below.
Firstly this package does its function well. This package protects the chocolate milk from damage. This package protects the product during the transit from the main manufacturers to the retailers and also when this product is in the shelves of the retailers. The shape of the package of the product mentioned above is designed in a manner that packing the tetra pack in respective pallets is easy as well as de-palletizing them for selling to the retailers. The tetra pack of this packaging consists of a cardboard and a polyethylene stratum on the outer surface and the inner. This package preserves the chocolate milk contents and its properties integral for the complete period the product is valid. The preservation is undertaken through impending germs and light so that it does not penetrate the package because with time; light can diminish the nutritional content of the chocolate milk. This package communicates a message of safety to the consumer. In addition, the package communicates quality of the contents since it is selected superbly and designed by the design engineers in the manufacturer’s docket (Ambrose, Gavin, & Paul Harris, 34).
Secondly, the chocolate’s tetra package attracts the prospective consumers due elegance. A well-designed package must be in a position to attract the esteemed and potential customers to purchasing the product. Through extensive research by the chocolate milk processors, a perfect color combination of the tetra pack package and the special name (chocolate milk) was chosen. The proper selection of the name has the power of attracting the consumers to take a look at this special milk product as it sits in the shelves of the store. Another feature of this package which attracts the esteemed customers is that it is favorable to dispensation. In addition, it is flexible when it comes to disposal of the package once the product has been consumed or used by the buyer (Ambrose, Gavin, & Paul Harris, 54). The choice of the cardboard and a polyethylene layer on the outside and the inside as the contents of the package is also a point of attraction as many environs experience unique and different weather conditions. This package can withstand extreme conditions without compromising the quality of the contents. In a more special way, this is an eye-catching point which will attract the customers to purchase the chocolate milk from the retailers. This feature is consistent in the package and this remains a clear advantage to the manufacturer and the marketing team since the marketing objective is followed without variations. Without differences in the design of the trademarks, name and logo then the marketing objectives are achieved in totality.
Fig: milk package
Thirdly, the chocolate milk’s package is well designed that it does self-promotion. A well-designed package should automatically promote itself. The package design of this product excellently portrays information about the product and more specifically on how to use it. The opening provided by the designer with a plastic cap exemplarily gives the directions on how to use the product. In this scenario, any customer willing to buy/purchase the product will find it easy to use the milk chocolate because an elaborate procedure is highlighted. The location of the opening on the package is consistent in all the tetra pak packets thereby making the choice of the package design conducted with ease (Ambrose, Gavin, & Paul Harris, 24).
Lastly this milk chocolate package also demonstrates a value packaging in a perfect way with the intention to communicate its sophistication as well as a niche of value and class. By so doing, it makes an option for expressing a perfect premium positioning. As a result, in case of future upgrading or brand revitalization the package remains an instrumental choice. The chocolate milk package is well designed so as to cultivate popularity of the product because of its classy nature. The fact that customers will get attracted to a value packaging makes this choice of package the better option for the chocolate milk’s manufacturers. In terms of marketing communications, The Chocolate milk packaging possess as an eye-catching, very distinctive appearance which is a strong signal to both potential and esteemed consumers with more regard to younger ones. This quality of the packaging design for the chocolate milk’s product helps meet the branding objectives of the product especially in a classical competitive environment which is full of monotony. Value packaging creates a special impression which allows the chocolate milk product to cost more.
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