Advantages of Volunteering at American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering – Essay Example

The paper "Advantages of Volunteering at the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering" is a good example of an essay on social science. AIMBE has over 50,000 members who are in the medical and biological engineering. Volunteering at the organization will provide a platform to interact with other people in the same field. These interactions with different people at different stages of the biomedical engineering field will help grow my career by exposing me to different opportunities. I will also benefit from inspirations that come about from interacting with high achievers. Also, interacting with professionals and getting advice from them will also help in building my career and turn it into a great professionalism. Forging close friendships will also come in handy when looking for recommendations and introductions when it comes to work and career building. I will also get mentors who are experienced in the field to guide me and help me expound on my area of expertise. AIMBE sponsors a wide array of institutions including academic institutions, private industries, and other professional engineering societies (Johnson 2). By volunteering for the organization, I will get exposure to these organizations, Career-wise, this will help my development by opening a number of areas that I can major in and end up working there. The exposure will also provide an atmosphere of what is expected in professional development. Knowing what is expected from you and observing other professionals at work afford an advantage over many people in the job sector. The organization is also actively involved in researching new areas where the engineers can indulge. This expands to the fields where I can specialize in helping people and generally making the world a healthier place (Johnson 1).