Images of Organization: Google Case – Essay Example

The paper "Images of Organization: Google Case" is an excellent example of a business essay. A metaphor has been defined as “a word which is used to show the resemblance between things of some similar character” (Metaphor Definition, 2011). From the eight metaphors of the organization, as identified in Gareth Morgan’s Images of Organization, the most applicable to exemplify Google’s remarkable organizational performance is that of flux and transformation. This metaphor was explained as reflective of “constant change, dynamic equilibrium, flow, self-organization, systemic wisdom, attractors, chaos, complexity, butterfly effect, emergent properties, dialectics, paradox” (Yousefi, 2005, p. 12). Google has been instrumental in transforming the current generation’s application and access to a wide range and magnanimity of information. Since its founding in 1998, Google has paved the way for significant changes in the way information is accessed and reached by people from all walks of life. Through their search engine, various people from different professions and endeavors are given the same opportunity to view whatever information is needed, from whatever location, all the time. Therefore, Google has actually transformed the way information is made accessible 24/7 and eroded barriers of distance and time. The organization’s constant quest for development and growth also makes it an agent of positive change. According to Schneider (2012), “Google has a philanthropic organization now, as seen at aimed at finding solutions to some of the global problems facing the world today” (p. 1). This validates its pursuit for continued improvement, not only focusing its interests on the achievement of the organization’s goals; but more importantly, in the vision of sharing its resources towards the betterment of mankind. As such, the most appropriate metaphor for Google is that of a flux and transformation – a positive agent for continued change and growth.