Public Speaking and Presentations – Essay Example

The paper "Public Speaking and Presentations " is an excellent example of an essay on social science. Public speaking and presentations have hardly ever been my cup of tea in the past and delivering an oratorical speech have put me in awkward situations before. I had felt like a fly in a teacup. There had not only been occasions when I had felt too panicky and nervous but also situations when I had felt a lot better and comfortable. However, the earlier would have been a lot more than the latter. There are various deciding factors that determine my levels of comfort. Topic, audience, physical appearance, and preparation are some of the significant reasons behind my feeling when I deliver oral presentations. My interest in the topic and familiarity with it make me feel at ease. However, if the topic is unusual, even with very good preparation and research I fail to impress the audience. Other factors surface here. Though I have a friendly audience, my classmates, I always am focused on the tutor and get scared out of my brains. But, it is the instructions of the tutor that had many times helped me hold my nerves. There have been instances when I had failed but got recharged and delivered better. Once, when I was in my previous grade, I had to make an informal presentation on my summer holidays. I was pretty sure of the topic with plenty of interesting information on hand, but I was a lot nervous again due to my fear of the audience. I was mentally well prepared within minutes to grab the attention of the audience to the account of my holiday to an exotic destination. I started off enthusiastically, trying to hide away my fears. I used a lot of gestures to add richness to my description. But, soon I found that it became so redundant. I started panicking. However, I regained my composure and delivered my presentation successfully.
Despite my inner fears and doubts, and occasional hesitation, I usually end up giving successful presentations to my surprise. Though I had not felt so comfortable with them, I have learned to deal with them and believe that I will be a master of the presentation skills soon.