Colorado Visual Arts – Essay Example

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The paper "Colorado Visual Arts" is an excellent example of an essay on visual arts and film studies. Visual arts in Denver and the of Colorado is booming. The museums are numerous. One reason for the massive amount of visual art centers, museums, and other art exhibits is the landscape of the Rockies. The economy has hit a rough patch, but since the wealthy flock to Colorado to ski, Colorado is fairing better than other states. This is another reason for the number of visual art centers. Finally the rich history taught by the universities in Colorado make this state a popular place for artists to flock in the Midwest. The landscape of the Rocky Mountains is a perfect visual art subject.

From Denver, the mountains loom over the city with a beautiful majestic presence. Many artists, especially Anita Mosher, John K. Harrell, and Kit Hevron Mahoney, use the backdrop of the mountains as subjects. Not only do the artists draw landscapes with mountains, but the luscious forest, fields, and streams as well. The beautiful background of Colorado has inspired many artists, not only local artists, but visual artists coming from other states as well.

The magnificent landscape is hard to ignore. Colorado also has the rich cowboy history of the Wild West. This gives visual artists, painters and sculptors, themes dealing with the Wild West. Cowboys, Native Americans, and rural America are depicted in these visual arts. Horses, cows, and other Western themes are favourites among artists in Colorado. Pictures of dogs playing poker, wild mustangs, stampedes, and fierce Native American warriors are created by the local artists. These subjects are distinctly from Colorado.

Visual art that is from Colorado, or is even inspired by Colorado, cannot be compared to other states due to the individuality of the visual art. Skiing is a big business in Colorado during the winter. In the summer, film festivals draw the jet set from around the world. The wealthy flooding Denver and Colorado have helped the visual arts do better than in other states like Iowa or Ohio. Not only do the wealthy patronize art galleries and museums, but they purchase art. This allows the artist to continue their work, instead of finding a regular job.

Artists can also be found by art dealers and collectors from other states when the wealthy visit. There are over one hundred visual art links on the Internet for Colorado and Denver. This shows the popularity of the visual arts in Denver and Colorado. The number of museums and galleries show that not only out-of-towners appreciate art. Locals enjoy art just as much as the wealthy jet set. The support of the Colorado Citizens helps visual art galleries and museum in business year round, not just when the wealthy come to town.

Without this support, there would not be as many visual art centres in Denver or Colorado. Not only do local and out-of-state artist flock to Denver and Colorado for subjects, but for an education as well. The Art Institute of Denver and Colorado Denver College of Arts & Media are just two of many schools that teach local and non-local artist the trade, history, and appreciation of the visual arts. Qualified professors pass on knowledge to future artists, sculptors, art dealers, and collectors.

Colorado has a high standard that can match any state in reputation. The schools have the best professors, great subject matter, and a community that supports the visual arts. Not many education institutions can claim the same accolades as the ones in Colorado. The amount of visual art centres makes Colorado a first-class visual art centre. With the Rockies, Wild West themes, and other beautiful landscapes, Colorado has a never-ending supply of subjects. The wealthy jet set and locals support the art community, giving the visual arts a boost in this sagging economy.

Finally, the fine visual art education institutions draw artists from worldwide. All of these are the reason the visual arts in Denver and Colorado are better off than in most states.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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