One Hour Segment of NPR – Essay Example

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The paper "One Hour Segment of NPR" is an outstanding example of a media essay. The program that was selected for the purpose of this paper is Plant Money which talks about general issues of an American way of living. The hourly program discussed the issue of video streaming and the process that is interlinked with video streaming. The fact remains that Planet Money brings the demand of American society and the trouble that they face to get the supply for it. The program is applicable to the class in such a way that it discusses societal structure and mobilization.

The program informs the audiences that it is the increased usage of internet among members of American society that it has become difficult to supply effective video streaming through Netflix. Since services like Netflix fail to achieve the standard that is expected of them by members of society, thus, various companies providing such services would spurt up. This rather makes the market share increase by large leading to a lower scale of profit (National Public Radio). Looking at the situation from a functionalist perspective, it is quite excellent that people are now adopting modern ways of communication at the ease.

However, conflict theory tends to look at this issue as a conflict between organizations within the economic institutions of society. Finally, symbolic interactionalism sees higher demand for video streaming as a way of profit sharing where equal standards are applied to everyone who sells the service as well buys the service.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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