How to Learn English – Essay Example

The paper "How to Learn English" is a good example of an education essay. To put it in a nutshell, the two key ingredients that helped me learn English were a) my natural affinity for the language, b) my parents’ role. I first started learning English when I was in the kinder garden. My first lesson was the alphabets – from a through z. For some reason, it took me several months to completely memorize the alphabets. During my early years in school, I would eagerly look forward to the English Reading class. There, I developed a love for reading, which continues to this day. In fact, one of my cherished possessions is the very first book I ever read. The improvement in my spoken English skills came about due to an interesting experience. When I was young, my parents used to go on tours every summer, especially to European countries. During this time, I met and spoke to people from all across the world, which improved my English speaking skills. The main reason my English is good is that I never shied away from talking even when my English speaking skills were not that good. I have to say it is my favorite language.