Occupational Daydream – Essay Example

The paper "Occupational Daydream" is a good example of an essay on creative writing.
My ideal job will be related to the invention of machines for medical purposes. For that job, I would like to have my own set work timings so that I can give in-depth consideration to my analytical job. I think that I will require eight to ten hours for my working. As the work for invention needs a free mind, so I will prefer getting up early with a fresh mind nearly at 7 ‘O’ Clock in the morning. I will reach my working place in my own luxury BMW. I will like to have my own personal clothing without any limitation as to what should be worn and what not. However, I will use a lab coat for sure.
My work will be based on lab equipment and the work environment that will suit my type of job will be indoors. I will work in my own lab with all the latest and up to date facilities. I would remain busy with the equipment and tools for invention and construction of new machinery for medical usage. I will analyze graphs, drawings, and sketches created before the actual assemblage of the components of a device. I will also contact shops for the availability of certain equipment needed for my support. I will have assistants and coordinates who will help me in my job.
I will prefer a lunch break along with some outdoor activity such as going to the gym and some friendly gathering with friends through which, I will be refreshed. The break that I will have will be of one hour. After my day-to-day work, I will go straightforwardly to my home, as I am very much interested to give proper time to every aspect of my life. My home will be located near a lake and I will have a green grassy ground in front of my house. I will reach my home in 15 minutes because of its being located near to my workplace. I will have enough time to spend with my family and in my free time, I will take my family to some outing or picnic so that we have a relaxed and happy life. After giving ten hours daily to my job, I will have 14 hours in which, I will take rest and spend my time with my family and friends.