Feeling of Disappointment – Essay Example

The paper "Feeling of Disappointment " is a great example of a sociology essay. Everything in this world is to change. People who do not know you or complete strangers and at the same time those you love will surely disappoint. However, the feeling you get out of each disappointment varies depending on the kind of relationship you have with the person who has caused you pain. If your friend disappoints you, the intensity of the feeling of pain is worse because of the fact that we all expect our loved ones to have our best interest, to take care of us, and not do anything to cause us pain just as we would not want to do these things to them. However, when all these expectations crumble because of offenses made or words said, we get frustrated and hurt. On the other hand, as the people we love can hurt us, people whom we do not like or do not matter to us at all can all the more do so. Aside from the fact that we all are not perfect, people who do not know us personally would not be more careful about disappointing us as they would be to people that matter to them. With this said, when someone we do not like displays disappointing behavior, we are less hurt as compared to when people we care for do so. This is because we do not have a high or any expectation for them to be pleasant to us. Also, we have been accustomed to think that the world is unfair and imperfect. Thus, these poor behaviors from people we barely know or hate are just a part of the nature of human life. The only difference in the feelings we have towards disappointment relies on the subject who caused us pain. The closer you are to someone, the harder it is to accept the fact that they disappointed us because of the expectation we have to reciprocate the love we give them.