Obama Speech in Egypt – Essay Example

The paper "Obama Speech in Egypt " is an excellent example of an essay on politics. President Obama’s speech on June 4, 2009, in Cairo was a historic one. Obama tried to reach out to the Muslims in the region with an approach of reconciliation and rejuvenation. His message was simple: He was asking them to look at the US not as enemies or as a “clash of civilizations” but more from an angle of trust and solidarity. The fact that he quoted from the Koran no less than 30 times shows his sincerity of approach and a desire to move away from the bitter policies of the last eight years. The main strength of the speech lies in Obama’s ability to transcend the issues of identity and seek a new beginning with the Muslim world. Further, he was not being naïve but instead being practical when he sought to address the core areas of conflict and tension with the Muslim world. The other notable strength of the speech was his honesty and candor in accepting some of the mistakes that the US has done over the year when it came to dealing with the Muslim world. The main weakness of the speech is the fact that he did not give any concrete steps for solving the Israel- Palestine issue. Instead, he merely said that there should be a movement towards a two-state solution. This was perceived by many as being vague and unclear on what Obama wants to do about the issue. However, the fact that he sought to address the issue in its entirety taking both sides of the debate is noteworthy. In conclusion, President Obama’s speech marked a departure from decades of US policies and particularly those of the last eight years. In doing so, he sought to make a new beginning and catalyze a shift in consciousness. This was the main reason that the speech was well received in many parts of the world.