Roles of Nursing in Improving the Patients Health Literacy – Essay Example

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The paper "Roles of Nursing in Improving the Patient’ s Health Literacy" is an exceptional example of an essay on nursing. Nurses must respond to their call of promoting a health-literate society by undertaking active roles in health literacy. They have ethical and professional obligations to communicate clearly and in purposeful ways that address the needs of patients. The communication should go beyond the traditional methods that involve writing and talking. They can use other means of communication such as analogies and stories that relate to health concerns. Nurses should also use evidence-based strategies to promote health literacy.

They should be bold and creative enough to incorporate drawings, pictures, and illustrations when attending to patients. Such models can help patients understand complicated health issues such as medication management and surgical procedures. In addition, nurses can validate the understanding of patients by questioning them (CAN, 2014). Credible Sources for Evaluating Online Health InformationThe online health information used by patients should be from trusted and credible sources. University, hospital, government agencies, and medical journals are some of the online resources that offer evidence-based information. Other checks consumers can perform are to check when the information was updated, whether it was reviewed before posting or not, and whether the site presents opinions or facts.

Sourcing for health information from the sites described above assures patients that what they learn is beneficial and cannot be detrimental to them (UCSF, 2014). Additional Strategies to Becoming Informed Online Health Information ConsumersAlthough there are no rules that dictate the validity of the information found online, there are some strategies consumers can use to reap big from online information.

Patients should ensure the information they use have identifiable author and source. The information should not be promotional in any way. Nurses can provide access to health information to patients via new technologies such as online forums and chat rooms (DHHS, 2014). How Nurses Can Aid Patients Use Personal Health RecordsNurses should ensure the written materials given to patients are at par with their knowledge level. The patients should clearly understand the information contained in them with the help of nurses. Nurses should not rush in giving instructions. They should also ensure the records provided a match with the patient’ s language (CAN, 2014).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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