Disease Management Model – Essay Example

The paper "Disease Management Model" is an exceptional example of an essay on nursing. Disease management is a referred to as a system of coordinated healthcare involvement and interactions with populations with the conditions into which patient self-care efforts are necessary.
Individuals who can access either health care nurses or peer support it is the means by which individuals with enduring conditions and often family/friend/career. Who share knowledge, responsibility, and care strategy with nurses and peers. In order to be efficient what is required is the entire system of implementation with the community social support networks. An array of pleasing occupations with activities related to the context, nurses who are willing to perform as partners or coaches as well as online resources that are confirmed and applicable to the country and context (Redman, 2013). Knowledge sharing, knowledge building, as well as the learning community, are vital to the idea of disease management. It is a population health approach and an approach to personal health. It can decrease healthcare costs and improve the quality of life for persons through either preventing or minimizing the effects of the disease, more often than not a chronic condition, by means of knowledge, skills. It allows a sense of control over life (irrespective of symptoms of the disease) and integrative care (Murray et.al, 2013). It is important to equip patients and their families in taking on an extra active task in their health care are by educating them. Begin by communicating with the patients that education is possibly as significant to their health as compared to getting their treatment filled. They are required to know all they can do concerning their disease (Murray et.al, 2013).
But just as patient-centered care can be more suitable. The old program in education, where one brings people in, assembles them and then lecturing to them. It doesn't work any better as compared to bringing them in, convene them and inform them to lose 20 pounds. Instead, the patient's and their families’ needs are supposed to be driven by the education (Redman, 2013). For instance, the center where there is testing of diabetes, education courses relates wholly to query from the addresses there should be a checklist of topics that are to be covered. However, the subjects are to be tackled in the framework of the patient query rather than through an uncongenial lecture.
Individuals and their families have no interest in their disease from an intellectual viewpoint, as we are. What they want is to know about themselves (Murray et.al, 2013). Individuals who are suffering from a chronic disease with their families are supposed to understand the following. If the patient’s illness is severe, if the condition is self-managed, if they have options to it and if they can change their behavior.