Norm Violation – Essay Example

The paper "Norm Violation" is a great example of an essay on sociology.
Every human society stems anticipation for behaviour that befits its shared culture. Social norms are principles or guides for behaviour. They specify certain inferred or evident rules a group has for the acceptable behaviours, values, and beliefs of its members (Terry & Hogg 2000).
In every society, it is expected or rather is a norm to walk to the end of a queue while waiting to order food at any takeaway restaurant. The norm violation that I committed was skipping people who had been already waiting in the queue. I opted for strangers to get a real response. I started my experiment at about 12:30 a.m. when everyone is usually rowdy, irritated and if hungry then extremely restless. After two attempts, I successfully got over with my inner inhibitions. There were four people standing ahead of me, anxiously waiting for their respective turns. As I decided to walk in front I purposely bumped into a sturdy, young man standing fourth in line. Looking at me sternly he slightly pushed me back. Though nervous with the reaction, I made sure not to apologize. Regaining confidence, I stepped forward to stand second in line behind a middle-aged woman, who turned to stare at me. Looking at this, the guy who had already exploded on me firmly asked my problem. Ignorantly, I walked past him to sit back in my car parked right in front of the take away counter leaving them all stunned. 
Breaking a norm does leave a negative impact of you on those who experience it because breaking a certain set of expectations hurts the rights of other group members.