Nonverbal Communication – Essay Example

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The paper "Nonverbal Communication" is a great example of a psychology essay. Nonverbal behaviors are usually done unintentionally. These behaviors may lead to some misunderstandings or misperceptions. I realized it when I experienced such an incident in my own life. Once when I had to take my practical assessment, for this I burnt the midnight oil and the next day was unable to get up at time, therefore, got late to reach the university. Having got organized I entered the lab fifteen minutes late. My teacher asked over the reason but I had nothing to tell him except for the excuse that my car punctured.

He gave me an answer sheet and I move towards my concerned bench. I was so much nervous that the invigilator could, without doubt, observe my confusing facial expressions. As an hour passed, I started losing my feelings of confusion and got a little bit confident. The invigilator started taking viva. He was coming one by one to every student.   As he was moving ahead, student by student, my heartbeat started increasing. I was well-prepared for the exam but still, didn't know the cause of my tenseness he kept on staring at me.

I can never forget such frightful eyes from which he was gazing at me, as he was willing to ask me something very complicated. His nonverbal behavior increased my tension more. Finally, he came to me to take viva, as he asked me very first question, I was ready to answer him but my voice remained in my mouth and lips started murmuring, which was off course couldn't be heard by anyone. He asked me to repeat my answer_ after collecting all my energies I started giving him an answer but soon I realized that I might have collected energy more than they need, and pitch of my voice is very high, so the neighboring student could easily listen.

This also contributes to express my confusion in front of him. As I had answered him, I knew I was right but his fearsome look made me more scared than before. Did I start judging whats the cause of his anger? I fell into deep thoughts when he inquired of me the second question_ due to lack of concentration I took a pause, he concluded that I didn't know the answer so he moved ahead from me.

I was willing to stop and ask him to repeat his question again but due to his terrible facial expressions, I didn't have the courage to say him a single word. Whatever happened, I learned a lesson that nonverbal behavior can also contribute to communication and can generate a number of misperceptions.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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