Life in the Absence of Machines and Technology – Essay Example

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The paper "Life in the Absence of Machines and Technology" is a perfect example of an essay on sociology. In many ways, life has become easier and more convenient with the inventions of machines and technology that historically, has progressed in three phases “ from dependent machines (e. g. bucket elevators), to semi-automatic machines (e. g. Jacquard loom) and, finally, to automatic machines (e. g. continuous process technologies)” (Carlopio, 1988, p. 67). In fact, man has become dependent on machines and technology from conception to death. Today, no human activity has been made without the use of machines and technology.

So, how could life be, if in one fell swoop machines and technology are destroyed or gone? I for one couldn’ t imagine how could I live not even a single day without these machines and technology that I used to live with. I used to be woken up by my alarm clock, but without this, I may bother someone to do it for me. But how about my food, where am I going to cook it? What about water? Where am I going to wash my dishes?

Where am I going to take my shower? How am I going to clean the toilet? From hygiene to health, I have super relied on machines and technology and that’ s only one part of the story. Another part is studying. Without the Internet and the computer, I have to get a book to read and manually write my notations. How long and tiring this could be! Not only that, without cars and busses I have to walk to school, unless maybe if I can have a horse to ride to school!

But I don’ t know how to ride a horse! And more frightening is the idea without electricity. How did the world would be without electricity? How boring life could be without television without music, without malls, and without a phone to call someone when you need a friend to talk to?   Well, machines and technology really made us dependent on them. However, come to think of it, our ancestors lived with their bare hands, survived and gave us this beautiful and convenient life. So let’ s enjoy every inch of these gifts and use them at our best.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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