New Media is Beneficial for all People – Essay Example

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The paper 'New Media is Beneficial for all People' is a marvelous example of a media essay.   The ability to communicate publicly allows the media to be a vital aspect of the community in the contemporary world. There are different media for communication depending on the preference of an individual. The new media is interactive and allows people across the world to stay in touch. New media is beneficial to all people from medicine, business, and politics, social and religious fronts. All individuals rely on new media for information because it is easy to access and readily available.   The new generation has embraced digital forms of media, which are unanimously referred to as new media.

The new media is up to date and recent in terms of time. The social media has become a new sensation in the new media creating an interactive platform for all people across the globe (Burn 2009, p. 243). Individuals today embrace several social media avenues as channels of communication. The new media tells stories that are relevant to the people and in line with what they experience on a daily basis.

The media provides innovative and easily accessible avenues via several technologically advanced search engines that people use to get information. The avenues deliver customized and relevant information depending on the interest of the reader (Burn 2009, p. 243). In the business arena, new media is the connecting power between consumers and producers. The media provides an innovative and long-lasting marketing strategy for their products. The strategies fuse information and the economy allowing consumers to access information, engage their interest, exercise their right for choice and value their money against product quality (Duhé 2007, p. 332).   Consumers in the modern world consider the brands presented in the market via the new media.

They expect lifestyle products that are worth their money. The media provides them with a wide variety to choose from. Business people are able to interact with their customers on a versatile platform and promote their products. The consumers can give feedback on the product and their preferences allowing producers to advance their products thus; their business (Duhé 2007, p. 332).   New media is a global platform on which business people advertise and sell their goods. ​In medicine, new media plays a critical role in both doctors and patients.

The media offers an opportunity for interaction between patients and doctors from the comfort of their homes. Doctors have websites and blogs that patients visit and get help without walking into a hospital every time they need to consult with a doctor. Since the media has reduced the world to a global village, doctors across the world are joined together and they can brainstorm over vital aspects of health. The doctors can also implement referrals for their patients via the media.

The medical scene has been advanced via new media because doctors across the globe can share information and come up with innovative ideas that mature and make a difference. Research done in medicine depends on different minds coming together to analyze reports and evaluate the answer to form a hypothesis that is used to foster a search of cures. The new media provides the avenue for doctors to interact and develop new medicine for the good of all the people. Medical journals with helpful information on healthy living are available online.

The journals can be accessed easily across the world. The best hospitals and schools for medicine are advertised online and applications for admission can be done online. The new media is vital since it saves time for the users. Socially, the new media has created a world that individuals from all lifestyles can access and use. Social media is the biggest media platform today connecting people across the world. The media operates in real time and allows friends and families to stay regardless of their distance.

An individual studying or working in Australia is able to communicate with their family in the USA (Stafford 2005, p. 452). The platform is also open to all people to allow them to be knowledgeable in current affairs across the world. People are able to learn of the different geo-locations, politics, and cultures of other people via social media. The social media platform allows individuals to embrace others and overcome stereotype ideologies since the media enable people to interact and understand each other. Social media defines the new media in the light of a flexible channel of communication that allows individuals to interact.

Social media is used in several events to advertise or notify people. On the religious spectrum, new media has played a significant role in propelling the ideas that preachers or imams have regarding religion (Stafford 2005, p. 452). Most preachers have taken to media to evangelize and garner followers to their churches. Preachers have joined social avenues on the new media to allow them to propel the messages they have regarding scriptures. Social media has become an integral part of religious groups and they use the avenue to proclaim their beliefs as they teach others via the media. Politics today is an open subject where individuals publicly declare their views via the new media.

Politics has become decentralized through the new media where the political environment of one country is known across the world (Veltman 2006, p. 145). Leaders converge on social media to share their insights on issues that affect the political factors of a country. Political heads are able to brainstorm through social media on various issues that are common among them.

The issues range from terrorism, economic, and social issues. The new media allows the heads of state to communicate without traveling from one country to another (Veltman 2006, p. 145). The save the government expenses of flying the heads of state and their delegates to meet their counterparts. New media allows the public to share their views on politics or address their leaders. In conclusion, the new media is an integral part of contemporary society considering its benefits to all the people. The business world is able to gain long-lasting marketing strategies via new media.

In medicine, the platform offers an advantage to both patients and doctors since they get to consult without physical visitations. The social media has provided a new avenue to connect the world through communication. The political environment of all nations is brought to light through the new media. The religious segment of society is also improved with wide outreaches attributed to the new media.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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