IPhone 6 Release – Essay Example

The paper "iPhone 6 Release" is an excellent example of an essay on marketing. After a long wait, the mobile and software giants Apple have released their new device in the market, the iPhone 6. Released on 19th of September, the iPhone was all that the customers were waiting for. The excitement and the joy that filled the atmosphere at Apple was a real indication. The thinner and larger 4.7-inch iPhone 6 has been described as the better in many ways. First, it is lighter to carry, having an aluminum body, and with a larger screen and an entirely new iPad-style design. The ultra-thin body of this device and rounded corners give it a more “sexy” impression. In addition, the new phone offers faster processors, clearer cameras, and Apples new Apple Pay payment system already installed. The customers could not hide their excitement of the day, most considered the phone the best that Apple has ever released saying that it shows that the company deserved the reputation they have acquired in the software and telecommunication market. Almost all the customer we talked to were ready to go home with the iPhone claiming that the features described put it in its own league. Based on the excitement of the crowd, it is clear that most people prefer the new iPhone to the others. This may be based on the kind of advertising and popularization that the phone has ha over the days prior to the release and the reputation of the company. However, with so many people getting their hands on the device at the launch, we would expect to hear it from their side of the story soon. I will personally be keen to get more of the features and performance of the iPhone from the crowd.