National Law and Regulations – Essay Example

The paper "National Law and Regulations " is an outstanding example of an essay on a law. The legislation concerns the well-being and convenience of airline passengers where the airline companies are required to adopt certain measures intended to mitigate the hardships experienced during flight delays. Such measures include a contingency plan, customer service, posting of delay plans, response to customer problems, and notifying the passengers of known cancellations, delays as well as diversions. The measures are intended to ensure that the passengers are as comfortable as possible during flight delays where they should be given food and water as well as provided with adequate information regarding the delay. As an opinion, this is one of the best legislation that is seeking to guard the interests of air travel passengers who usually face hardships when airlines delay their flights and fail to provide the much-needed information regarding the delay and essential in-flight services. Since most people get very upset following delays, especially when information is not provided, this legislation seeks to eliminate such problems that may destroy an airline’s reputation. This is especially because the delays may last even three hours. The legislation ensures that the airlines have the obligation to not only provide information to the passengers but also provide channels for forwarding complaints and even show the customers how to complain. If the reasons for a flight delay are known by the airline, this information must be made available to the passengers along with the information concerning the estimated delay period. The legislature seeks to ensure that most of the problems that may arise following a delay such as criticisms and lawsuits are reduced and if possible eliminated. To ensure that the legislation is followed, it incorporates punishment that the airline may be subjected to in case they ignore it. Therefore, this legislature is one of the best laws that cater to the interests of airline passengers when delays happen.