The Evolution of Ethnic Identity – Essay Example

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The paper "The Evolution of Ethnic Identity" is an outstanding example of a sociology essay.   I think the seems to find it hard that people cannot accept that he comes from a country as American but he has to be an immigrant from somewhere else. It is the aspect that America is a land of immigrants that seem to be portrayed here. The issue of identity comes as a very important aspect in this as different aspects are perceived to have different characteristics. I feel that the writer does not seem to like this question where everyone just wants to associate him with a certain perception.

This is portrayed by the fact that when they persist he sticks that he is human and does not belong to any group. This shows that society tends to judge your success to a certain group of people and not what one has done and gained using hard work. I feel that is you perceive as Spanish you are perceived as pure and also not an immigrant and also you are perceived as one who knows where one is from.

The problem with the being viewed that is because it does not reflect the inner part of the person. I feel that this is not possible for every Spanish and everyone should always be proud of who he is. This cannot be necessarily taken as the final reason why people should want to identify themselves with a certain group. It is necessary to know that the group of people in different class should not be used as a disadvantage but rather as a long-term friendship that a group should not associate themselves individually.

It might be difficult but it is something that should be worked on.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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