Distinction between Normal and Artificial Behavior – Essay Example

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The paper "Distinction between Normal and Artificial Behavior" is a great example of a psychology essay. People make use of artificial behavior in an attempt to achieve their strange objectives several times. They may do so in an attempt to cover up their assumed weaknesses or to copy someone else. Normal and artificial behavior can be distinguished on the basis of several criteria three of which are discussed in this paper.   The first and foremost criterion which helps us distinguish between normal and artificial behavior is an understanding of the individual’ s nature who is displaying the behavior.

In daily life, we know one another to the extent that we can tell what someone would do in a particular setting. When he/she does contrary to the expected behavior, the behavior is essentially artificial.   The second way to distinguish between normal and artificial behavior is spying on the individual. One needs to observe the individual displaying the behavior in certain settings and find out if the individual displays the same behavior everywhere. If he/she does, the behavior is natural. Otherwise, it is artificial. The third and the most effective way of judging the behavior is by asking the individual why did he/she act in a certain way.

An individual that is displaying natural behavior would have sound reasoning to act in a certain way whereas the individual displaying artificial behavior would not be able to come up with a rational reason to support his/her behavior. We can tell that the individual is lying from his/her logic and manner. Artificial behavior is characterized by extreme emotions, which are quite detectable.    

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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