Presidential Election of 1796 – Essay Example

The paper "Presidential Election of 1796" is a brilliant example of a history essay. If I would cast a vote in the presidential election of 1796, I would vote for Thomas Jefferson and the Democrat-Republican Party for two reasons. The first reason was the Federalist's backing of Jay’s Treaty. The second reason I would vote for Thomas Jefferson is the Democratic-Republican's backing of the French Revolution. Jefferson would definitely have my vote. Jay’s Treaty was a treaty between American and Great Britain. This treaty wrapped up some unresolved issue of the American Revolution, along with an increased trade agreement. This averted another war with Great Britain but created tension with France. I feel that it was too soon to place trust in a country that we were at war with recently to avert another war. Great Britain should not be trusted at this point. Not knowing the future, I believe Great Britain will betray America once again. This is the first reason for voting for Thomas Jefferson’s Democrat-Republican Party. My second reason for voting for the Democrat-Republican party is their support of the French Revolution. The Federalists do not support the French Revolution, which I find hypocritical. Americans deserve freedom, but the French need to stay under a monarch? I do not believe this is a correct path to take. Americans need to help promote democracy and freedom anywhere they are needed. If the French want to be a democracy, then the Americans need to help. Jefferson supports the French Revolution, so my vote would be cast for him. In the presidential election of 1796, I would vote for Thomas Jefferson. The Democrat-Republican Party stands what I believe in. I do not trust Great Britain. The French Revolution has my support. I would vote for the Democrat-Republican party, which nominated Thomas Jefferson.