Family Expectations in Achieving Dreams – Essay Example

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The paper "Family Expectations in Achieving Dreams" is a great example of an essay on sociology. As I was growing up, everybody in my family was expected to perform well especially in their academics. The pressure was therefore high in everyone, my parents contributed immensely in encouraging us to achieve heights that we could manage. They led by example and that was the real source of my inspiration and my sibling's inspiration. I was lucky to have five brothers older and younger than me, so I am in the middle. My gender or place in my family did not affect my expectations negatively.

In fact, as a girl, a lot of attention was at me and hence the pressure to succeed was within me. When I was still a young girl, their expectations really changed my life; I remember waking up every morning early in order to study for my exams. I managed to pass both primary and high school level and that is why I was selected to pursue a bachelor’ s degree. With the support of my family and my siblings, I managed to achieve my goals and successfully complete the bachelor’ s degree.

Despite the challenges I faced while pursuing my bachelor’ s degree, I always thank my parents and siblings for their unparalleled support that they gave me while on the campus. My older brothers often visited me and they also supported me emotionally as the encouraged me to be free with them and share my problems. Academically, they also played a major role as they led by example and hence their success was my major inspiration as I worked towards a successful future. After completing my bachelor’ s degree, I got married.

This did not mark the end of my studies, however.   After giving birth to a lovely son, I went to the U. S. where I am now living to pursue a master’ s degree. My siblings and parents have been a great inspiration for me and that is why I have worked hard to attain the level that I have currently achieved. Without their unwavering support, I could not have achieved what I have achieved so far. Achieving a master’ s degree was the ultimate vision for me, my family’ s expectation was that I get to the heights of my studies in order to live a comfortable life with my family and also become a source of inspiration especially to my young family now.

So far, I have achieved my family’ s vision in terms of academic achievements. Living in the U. S. is a new challenge in my life, this is a new environment and I left my family back at home. I have taken the challenge positively and looking to work very hard in a couple of years in order to successfully complete my studies and go back home.

If given an opportunity after successfully completing my master’ s degree, I would pursue a doctorate degree and achieve a Ph. D. This is my current vision, above what my family intended me to achieve and I am more inspired than ever to achieve this dream. I am certain that I am going to be a role model in my family if I achieve this dream.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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