The Passion for Bodybuilding – Essay Example

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The paper "The Passion for Bodybuilding" is a good example of an essay on sports and recreation. Sometimes, the unfortunate and tragic events in our lives give us insight about our true purpose. At the age of 15, I broke my knee and severely hurt my back in an accident that left me immobile and unable to complete basic physical activities. After three months, my thigh and calf muscles were drained, which led my doctor to recommend exercise as a cure for my debilitating weakness. Getting past the first step of walking and eventually running on my own, I found myself thrilled with the thought that I could develop my strength.

Having been deprived of it for so long had encouraged me to value my physical power more than ever. Realizing the value in a fit body, I finally understood the old adage that your health is your greatest wealth. As I grew stronger, I added more weight to my workout routines. Before long, I had developed a true passion for bodybuilding and the fitness industry. This undying enthusiasm led logically to Personal Training Certification and a CPR/AED Certification through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA); with that official recognition, I could keep helping others reach their fitness goals, just as I had reached mine. My Passion for BodybuildingEven though it might be difficult for someone to understand my passion for bodybuilding, I believe that for something to be understood, it must be experienced first-hand.

Bodybuilding is not merely lifting heavy weights and having a crazy diet; rather, it is a gift and, at a fundamental level, it has made me a better person.

The feeling I get from working out and pushing myself in the gym everyday is valuable not only physically, but mentally as well. According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, you’ ll find, as I did, that building muscle builds you up in every part of your life. In other words, bodybuilding is not just about being strong and looking great. It also breeds discipline and focuses virtues that are essential in any practice. If I have learned anything from my story, it is that we should appreciate the gifts we have and make the most of them.

Bodybuilding is about taking our natural gifts and pushing them to the highest levels of achievement. That is why I truly love this sport.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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