The Warning on the Box of Toy Toaster – Essay Example

The paper "The Warning on the Box of Toy Toaster" is an outstanding example of an English essay. According to the website, the above photo was spotted on the box of pop up toy toaster that was made in China. Since China is an emerging economy and their people do not have a good grasp of the English language as yet, I would have to say that the warning on the box was written by somebody from the manufacturing department whom the company believed had an excellent grasp of the language. The clues that led me to this conclusion had to do with the references to the small toy parts, the possible variation in the final product look from the box picture, and the age warning on the label. These are important aspects of toy development that only someone from the factory would take note of. The intended message is clear, they wanted the child to have an enjoyable experience while playing with the toy. Hence the warnings about the possible dangers that might happen during play time. The contextual messages that helped me understand the message were the warnings about the heat that could possibly emanate from the toy and the choking hazard parts. Without using my sense of logic though, the actual message on the box would not make sense the first time it is read. But a second run through would definitely make it seem like this product is a pedophile toy. While I was reading the warning label, I found myself shaking my head in disbelief. The label made sense because I had the ability to piece together the message that was being put across by the mangled English words, but sad that anyone else who did not have the same grasp of the English language as I did would most likely not heed the warning label because it did not make any sense to a non-native speaker. After all, the message on the label is so confused that it does not seem like they are describing a toy. Rather, I would believe they were describing a real and dangerous electrical appliance.