Military Equipment in the Future – Essay Example

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The paper "Military Equipment in the Future" is a marvelous example of a military essay. The advantage in military equipment in the future will be determined by stealth, technology, and robotics not just by sheer firepower. Nations will realize that in order for the firepower to have its destructive effect against the enemy, it has to penetrate first the enemy’ s defenses. Penetrating enemy’ s defenses can either be done by stealth or technology or by sheer brutal force. In a hundred years, military aircraft and ships will not only be radar safe or invisible but also literally invisible to the naked eye.

In addition, other elements which signify presence will also greatly reduced to the point of invisibility such as heat signature, noise, and sheer physical visibility. Hundred years from and stealth will mean the literal invisible. Thus, military strikes will almost be godlike such as the lightning of Apollo of ancient Greeks where lightning or in this case, a bomb, missile or artillery, will strike without knowing where it came from. Bullets will also be guided and not just missiles. Gun fires from military artilleries will no longer need coordinates to drop its shell but rather just the identification of the target where the ordinance will automatically adjust itself when the target moves.

For example, when the targets are moving vehicles, the shells will automatically adjust according to the target’ s movement to ensure a hit. And so is with guns. It will find its enemy just like Tomahawk missiles when fired at them and the enemy can no longer hide. This may all be technologically impossible today but could be a reality in a hundred years time.

In the future, the use of infantry will be minimized to reduce human casualty and if ever they will be employed in the field, they can also be invisible. They will also become “ super soldiers” where their body will be enhanced by supplements and technology where they will be strong and extremely quick. They can lift thousand-kilo weights and can run like vehicles without even tiring. But more often, robotics will be the dominant soldiers in the field just like the Japanese animation Gundam we could see there mobile suits worn by soldiers that can fly and has the firepower capability of a tank and submarine.

Imagine a tank that can fly at a supersonic speed that has the agility of a soldier but can also submerge in deep waters and as sturdy as a tank. In addition to it, it can fly to the outer space and attack the enemy from space with firepower that can flatten a city. Tanks will become so sturdy that it can already make holes on mountains to attack terrorist who would be hiding in caves.

It can also fly at supersonic speed so they can already transport themselves wherever they want to be deployed. And what makes these weapons terrifying is that they have the invisible capability that they can get behind enemy lines without being seen or detected to wreak havoc or strike at the enemy. If all these weapons will really actualize in the future, we will have more reason not to go to war considering how destructive our weapons already are.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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