Essential Competencies to Be a Successful Change Leader – Essay Example

The paper "Essential Competencies to Be a Successful Change Leader" is a wonderful example of a management essay.
Change management refers to a basic set of tools or structures used to keep any change effort in check while change leadership refers to the visions, processes and driving forces that stimulate the transformation (Kotter International). These two terms might sound familiar, but they are very different. Change management is concerned with making effective change initiatives while change leadership incorporates initiating change on a larger scale. Change leadership management encourages employees of the organization to adapt to the changing trends in the business world while change leadership empowers people to create the change themselves.
Leaders within an organization are tasked with taking the company forward in the hopes of achieving the set goals and objectives (Kotter International). The leaders should possess some qualities and attributes that will enable them to perform their duties. Some of the competencies that change leaders should have include vision, aspiration, collaboration, presence, and action. Vision incorporates the leader`s ability to envision a future where the organization is prospering and has already achieved its goals and objectives. The action involves the change leader`s commitment to the future of the company. The employees need to see that the leaders` within the organization are fully committed to the organization`s future. The change leaders should set high-performance goals for the organization that will in turn help in motivating the employees to increase their output to achieve the organization as well as their personal goals. A competent change leader should identify the importance of inspired action through teams. He/she should encourage the employees to get together in groups and brainstorm on new ideas to improve the efficiency of the organization. The change leader should be charismatic. It is because when the employees see his/her enthusiasm, they too will have the confidence to perform their tasks with motivation and passion. The key to change within an organization are the leaders as well as the choices that they make. Therefore, if the leader is committed to achieving this change then it is bound to happen but if the leaders are not competent the change process might not be realized, or it might take longer to accomplish.
I would employ tactics and strategies that the employees will identify with so as to make the communication systems accessible. I would also engage directly with the employees through forums to adequately educate them about the importance of the change the organization is seeking to achieve.