Cognitive Dissonance – Essay Example

The paper "Cognitive Dissonance" is a brilliant example of a psychology essay. There was a particular situation whereby I experienced cognitive dissonance when I was appointed for a supervisor’s position in a town that is 150 miles away from my hometown. It was a significant opportunity since I felt that it could change my life completely as I was facing financial difficulties and I urgently needed finances to cater for some important matters. Moreover, I was enthusiastic about getting employed so that I could gain useful experience that would be significant for my career as well as any further studies in management. In essence, this was a major opening of my career. However, there was a national wide strike involving public transport that had made traveling in the country difficult. The vehicles had stopped transporting people three days ago and there seemed to be no hope of the strike ending soon. The only means of transport at the time were cargo trucks which reached 100 miles from my hometown, where I would then hope to get transport by sheer luck. Nevertheless, I would arrive in the night and I knew no one in the town in case I missed transport, and to make the matter worse, the deadline for reporting was the following day, and the small town where the truck would drop me had notoriety due to the presence of gangs and violence. I realized that trying to leave home through the use of trucks would be risking my life and the possibility of not meeting the deadline was high. I evaluated the costs against the benefits of moving out of my hometown and realized that my life was of much worth than the job that I was pursuing. In other words, I thought to myself that the job was not even worth so many struggles. I chose to remain with my problems unsettled rather than lose my life and yet I could find other opportunities in the future. To motivate employees in the workplace, I would use the idea of cognitive dissonance to widen their scope of reasoning so that they can acquire the capability of evaluating and analyzing the costs and benefits of engaging in particular actions. For example, some employees may fail to perform well in the workplace due to their other income-generating activities that may distract their concentration on their work tasks. I would help them to visualize situations such as what if the company closed down due to low productivity as a result of their laxity and they be forced to depend on their other income sources that are not sufficient for their needs. I believe this approach would encourage them to work harder and sacrifice more time in the workplace.