Strategic Operations Management: Toyota Motor Corp – Essay Example

The paper "Strategic Operations Management: Toyota Motor Corp" is a wonderful example of a management essay.
Toyota Motor Corp announced its intention to continue its revamped manufacturing process that is built on sharing components among vehicle. The plan is to ensure that the company achieves success in its sales by creating efficient, less costly cars and luxury cars for a variety of its customers.
The first recommendation to Toyota is to ensure that it sticks to the continuous improvement culture to be able to achieve its vision for the year 2020. Toyota had become silent for a period of two years on revamped manufacturing process means that a lot of time was wasted. Therefore, such delays must be avoided to ensure that a continuous process is achieved (Giannoccaro 94).
Secondly, the company should us research and development (R&D) on continuously on its revamped manufacturing process to ensure that the less costly and luxurious cars meet the needs of the consumers in the market. This will ensure that it achieves maximum sales to compete with other car manufacturers in the market. Research and development will help in terms of informing the company the improvements and challenges in the market environment and the changing needs of consumers. The research and development will help the company respond to the market needs (Gupta and Starr 56)
Lastly, the company should continuously train its staff for continuous quality assurance initiatives to ensure that the luxurious and the low-cost vehicles are of high quality, which will help the company attract more customers in the market. Quality is an important aspect even for a customer who prefers low-cost vehicles and determines the company that a customer chooses to buy a vehicle from (Brown, Bessant and Lamming 314).