Masters In Social Work (Post Graduate) Power And Discrimination Essay – Essay Example

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Power and DiscriminationIntroduction: Professional and social guidelines and beliefs merge together when we talk about class differences and personal perspectives that professionals have regarding distinct social features. Every professional sphere has been faced by certain social evaluation based on social features such as creed, gender, social background/class, economic condition etc. Majority of the professionals from every walk of life whether in the silhouette of peer or clientele relationship have experienced powerlessness, discrimination and biasness at some point in their lives. This social differentiation on a professional level is perhaps highly dependent up on the kind of professional beliefs, values and attitude we possess.

For instance, if a professional believes that capability has a lot more to do with a person rather than what he/she looks like. This may be a general perception but it would eventually help a professional in looking at the world with a broader perspective and it can also contribute towards setting a friendly and lined-up work environment. Class and gender are perhaps the most prominent social features which are mostly used or abused within workplaces in order to move ahead professionally.

For instance, a male-oriented job such as that of a manager of a particular company is typically given out to male members of the society. The reason behind it is nothing but typical views regarding women and preconceived notions regarding if they can perhaps handle the pressure of the job or if they are any competent for the job solely because they are women. This is a typical instance where gender discrimination can immediately be spotted, but on the contrary such orthodox views regarding women are altering now as more and more women are proving their worth and qualification.

Therefore, the most relevant aspect that can bring about a revolution in professional world is perhaps a professional’s own beliefs, values and attitude. We look extensively into the most apparent social features, gender and class and how these features have the tendency to bring about massive alterations within the professional world, on an individual/practitioner basis. Social features- Gender and Class: The relevance of gender and class is usually understood when these two social features are faced with certain conflicts and used in order to prove a social norm or personal preference.

Gender differences can often be seen in places where equality is not quite agreed upon, especially in the case of women. Conservative social backgrounds acknowledge women as somewhat inferior as compared to men and this is perhaps a global issue now where women are judged and oppressed on the basis of their gender alone. Furthermore, there are fields where men are also oppressed and looked down upon because they stand on a position where they are surrounded by women as their colleagues within the work place.

Take an example of a male nurse, who works within a health or social care centre/organization. He is bound to feel dominated as most of the workers in the sphere of nursing/health care are women. In this case it would be quite convenient for women to oppress the few men who work within the health/social care centre. Therefore, the notion

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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