Promotional Strategy – Essay Example

The paper "Promotional Strategy" is a marvelous example of a marketing essay.
Promotion is normally regarded as the best way to create awareness for the customer about certain products in the market. Promotion can take different kinds of media depending on the targeted audience. Each media has its own level of effectiveness when the targeted audience has been determined.
Companies use promotion when launching new products on the market, or when they want to increase their sales on particular products. The correct choice of promotional media, which is cost effective and at the same time reaches a good number of targeted audience, would be the most appropriate to be applied by any company planning to carry out a promotion to increase the consumers’ knowledge about their products or to increase on sales (Chelder, 2013).
Last week, for instance, there was a roadshow being carried out by Pepsi Company. The roadshow was about increasing the market knowledge about Pepsi products, the brands they produce, where to find the products and their market prices. During the promotion, the company was rewarding people at random, if they found you just purchased their product. This was another way of ensuring that people purchased a lot of their products during this period of promotion, and even afterward.
Roadshow, to the company, was the best way of promoting their products since in this way, so many customers are reached and the company also comes into close proximity with its customers. It is therefore important to choose the correct or most suitable medium for promotion in order to reach as more number of the targeted consumers as possible.