Emotional Intelligence – Essay Example

The paper "Emotional Intelligence" is a delightful example of an assignment on social science. Emotional intelligence plays a crucial role because it helps a person to understand himself/herself, understand fiends and other people, their actions and behavior patterns. The Emotional Intelligence test suggests that I can adjust my own perceptual capacities to enhance my performances, and I can learn to better understand other peoples actions and responses. As the most important, emotional intelligence helps me to understand the actions of other people and their feeling, and avoid possible conflicts and confusion. For instance, when one of my friends is upset, I try to understand her emotional state and do not pay attention to some mistakes she makes. Emotional intelligence allows me to operate more effectively in an organization and at home. Emotional intelligence helps people manage relations with other people and establish warm and friendly relations with the world around. My work depends upon the successful performance of other people and, in many cases, lack of skills or poor performance of others results in a conflict. In this case, I try to manage my emotions and avoid harsh words and critique. These tactics helps me to establish friendly relations and gain authority among other people. Self-motivation is another quality which helps me to organize my daily life and achieve personal goals. I want to become a real professional in my field, and in this case, self-motivation helps me to study and acquire professional skills and knowledge important for my profession. In contrast, if a person has low motivation he/she will not be able to master a program or find a good job. I suppose that such qualities as initiative and self-management are also important for every person. Self-management could help to organize everyday life and manage a personal curriculum. The initiative could help to avoid indecision and hesitation at work. This quality of emotional intelligence is linked with connectedness, relatedness, and the sharing of meaning among people.