Manchesters and Koreans Traditions, Education and Customs, Foods and Drinks – Essay Example

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The paper 'Manchester’ s and Korean’ s Traditions, Education and Customs, Foods and Drinks' is an outstanding example of an essay on culture.   There is a significant difference between the cultures and traditions of the Koreans and that of Manchester city people. One notable difference is that the Koreans belong to the high-context culture where a person is perceived as part of a family or society. In contrast, Manchester city belongs to the low-context culture where a person is considered a self-bound and impermeable free agent. In other words, Koreans are collectivist while Manchester people are individualistic.

  Another difference is that Koreans are collectivistic and feminine people possessing strong power distance and certainty avoidance. This means that they are dependent emotionally on people who are more powerful. In addition, they have the tendency of externalizing their locus of control in that they attribute their success and shortcomings to external forces that are beyond their control. This is quite different when we come to Manchester people who are individualistic and masculine communities. They also portray weak power distance and weak avoidance of uncertainty.

To them, self-realization is of greater concern where people face challenges and advancements individually. This means that people view themselves as unique beings with distinctive attributes and goals (Hwa, 2012, 182). However, people from Manchester are very hospitable just like Koreans (Edden et al, 2011).   When visiting Manchester, it is important to know that, smoking in public places is not allowed, hence one can only smoke in their residential area. In addition, they are not put in display hence one can only ask the retailers if they do sell them. It is also very common to see people drink in pubs.

  Manchester is a gay-friendly city where there is even a gay village; a cluster of lesbians and gay bars and clubs. These people are religious and the common religions are Christianity, Muslims, Hindoo, and Jewish. Since these people are very friendly, it is important to greet people with a smile wherever you meet (Edden et al 2011).     Education Manchester city employs the British education system. Education is of great value and children below 16 years are compulsory. Generally, the GCSE certificate is awarded to students in their final year in secondary school.

After completing compulsory education, one may wish to join vocational training or join university education which takes 3 years for bachelor's. There are many international students in universities and colleges (TCMC, 2014). The education system in Korea is similar to that in Manchester in that the students finish their high school education when they are about 16 years of age. After high school, the students have the option of advancing to the university or joining colleges and other vocational training institutions. This means that a person interested in furthering their studies in Manchester will be very comfortable since the colleagues are of the same age group.

            Foods and Drinks Korea’ s cuisine is varied, healthy and spicy. Food and its presentation are very important since it brings pride to the nation. Korean food is distinct in that it is spicy, healthy and flavorsome. Most foods contain vegetables while the meat is used in a sparing way. The staple food is rice which is short grain and sticky. Meals are often served with a number of side dishes (Angloinfo, 2014, 1).

On the other hand, in Manchester, food is based on beef, pork, lamb, fish, and chicken (Barrow, 2013, 1). Generally, foods served in England are quite different from those served in Korea but one can easily adjust.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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