Man With Wife Who Sleeps With Man – Essay Example

The paper "Man With Wife Who Sleeps With Man" is a great example of an essay on gender and sexual studies.
When a man has a wife and he has another man to sleep with, the first thing that comes to mind is that the other man can be the first one’s friend. There can be some need of the other man such as he may get frightened during sleep because of nightmares, he may be in need of a partner as some people cannot sleep alone and there can be the presence of a homosexual relationship between the two men.
This kind of relationship is considered doubtful by most of the people as the man is not giving importance to his wife but another man. After getting married, it is the duty of a man to sleep with his wife. There can also be a situation when a man is away from his home and has no place to sleep but besides another man.
No one can negate the fact that there can be a probability of a homosexual relationship between the two men. Both of them can be gay and can be interested in a man to man relationship in place of man to woman relationship. Gays show less interest in women and more towards men. Man sleeping with another man is seen as a relationship that is unnatural according to most of the people.
Therefore, when I will see a man sleeping with another man in the presence of his wife, I will consider it in many ways, they can be friends, they can be gays, they can be brothers and they can be away from their homes. Most of the people will consider it as a homosexual relationship between the two men.