Love And Desiree – Essay Example

The paper "Love And Desiree" is a great example of a philosophy essay.
While the radical feminist movement makes any attempts to advance the welfare of women, it also attracts a fair amount of criticism due to promoting a dehumanized image of pornography. Radical feminists and proponents of pornography differ on many levels regarding if this activity should be allowed or not. While many vicious examples of female exploitation are given by those stressing on legal measures to be taken against pornography, opponents argue that any psychological or emotional disadvantages are dwarfed by many benefits in the form of financial assistance ensured by this activity to women. It is because of such arrogant and manipulative defendants that sexual abuse of women has turned into such a thriving business within the US presently. These educated yet ignorant people in high positions refuse to acknowledge the unbelievable amount of pain behind the fake smiles displayed on faces of millions of helpless women who are forced to do a broad range of inhuman activities for the sexual and animalistic pleasures of real-life rapists, abusers, and sex offenders. Women are so badly tortured in pornographic films and images that it definitely forms a legal issue of infringement on civil rights regardless of empty arguments that it is a matter of personal choice and taking any legal action will result in the violation of women’s choices and sexual diversity. But, the vicious depiction of sex which promotes women as worthless objects to be treated as humiliatingly as possible definitely calls for the force of law. It is laughable to suggest that women may express their disapproval on pornography as much as they want, but they must not stress on legal measures against it.