Victims of Technology – Essay Example

The paper "Victims of Technology" is a good example of an essay on technology. Victims of technology is how I felt after the first few seconds of watching Turk’s video clip. Right toward the end of the clip, he said, “We’ve become slaves of the technology we mastered” (Turk, 2014). This is such a strong statement that invoked a deep sadness as my realization of the truth of this statement becomes more obvious. Halfway through the video, I was looking at my electronic devices one by one and asking myself if I am one of the guilty individuals who replaced interpersonal relationships with gadgets. How many times have I felt that it is enough to comment to my friends’ posts daily yet never really know how they are doing? How many times have I really felt that friendship lost its sanctity already because everyone seems to know what one thinks and no one knows something special about a person anymore? How many times have I felt the need to be recognized and used these so-called social networking sites to feed that need without realizing that there is a better and more personal way to satisfy it? Have I really gained “quality friendships” over the years, or merely “quantity acquaintances”? The video is entitled “Look Up,” and the funny thing is that I initially thought it refers to looking up at your camera while doing a “selfie” shot. Yet it was totally the opposite. It is amazing that the more I think about the double meaning of that phrase, the more I feel my gadgets owned me than I owned them. The video nailed it right on the head when it said: “We’re a world of idiots, smartphones, and dumb people” (Turk, 2014). It is about time that people realize that we need to look up and have eye contact with our own species rather than look up and have eye contact with the camera lenses of our devices.