School Climate – Essay Example

The paper "School Climate" is an exceptional example of an educational essay.  The provided areas that require a study analysis provide a significant way of understanding the effectiveness of the school environment to support the learning experience of learners (Kelly, 1986). In my school, the areas on guidance, student behavioural values and student activities may require evaluation to initiates improvements. Guidance The school has counsellors who provide guidance on academic and personal matters. Teachers also play the role of counsellors. However, guidance on the future is not provided with much preference. Counselling activities are provided for common problems such as depression and other social problems. However, the teachers effectively prepare the students to feature in future classes and jobs. The climate may also require changes on that students are provided with advice upon request. Channels to get proper counselling may not be comfortable for all students (Kelly, 1986).
Student Behavioral Values
The majority of the student population depends on monitoring to display good behaviour. Without the presence of the teacher, it is a rare occurrence for students to take part in school work. In addition, students occasionally take part in mockery. Other students may take part in the mocking. Generally, the student behavioural values depend on whether they are monitored or not (Kelly, 1986).
Student Activities
In the school, students have the freedom to take part in activities in which they have interest. However, in activities such as sport, active participation of the student is determined by their talent. Selection into sports’ teams is based on talent. Students often stay after school. The decision is willing and driven by the need to participate in extra-curricular activities. In addition, students can be able to take part in activities they are good at even if they cannot afford the expenses.