Critical Apprisal of Nursing Diversification – Essay Example

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The paper "Critical Apprisal of Nursing Diversification" is an outstanding example of an essay on nursing. This paper focuses on criticizing and analyzing the increase of nursing workforce through recruitment, retention, and graduation of nursing students to bring diversification and equality in nursing among the multi-culture. The Aboriginal community comprises of 4% of Canadian population which are considered as the minority (statistic Canada 2008) of which 60% of their youth do not complete high school. More so, a high rate of mortality and poverty has engulfed Aboriginals (Canadian population health initiative, 2004).

Apart from all those constraints that limit them to pursue their dream in nursing, the Aboriginal communities face other buries like; colonial and Aboriginal culture limit or bar them from education and career because the majority of them could not compete well at the high school level. This marginalized and oppresses them from the nursing program. Accessibility of information is vital for the guidance of education and career, majority of the Aboriginal could not access any information regarding nursing as a career and the subjects that one has to major in order to become a nurse.

This escalated the lack of awareness of nursing promotion rural Aboriginals. there is a great need to improve nursing career among the Aboriginal community through marketing the career for the community to get information about the opportunity presented (Knight et al. , 2011). Financial constraints are another barrier, Aboriginal communities are considered as a poor community and economically challenged, due to this factor, nursing students originated from this community they are unable to carter for their stay in the university making them drop from the university.

The nursing program proves to be huddle for the community because the retention and recruitment lack Aboriginal content. Aboriginals are considered as cultured people and any program that lack their content are considered as inappropriate and culturally deemed. This shuns them from practicing this noble career of nursing. Teaching staffs play a major role in determining the attitude, pumping knowledge and nurturing the skills of young Aboriginals in preparation for the kid to become a qualified nurse in future through guiding them and understanding their social-economics and education disparities experience, this will be a major motivation for them as they will have that attitude of they are being understood and accepted in the community (Forth, 2013).

In my conclusion, nursing diversification among Aboriginals cannot be done theoretically but through enforcing those barriers that are barring the Aboriginals from practicing nursing. Nursing students from the Aboriginal communities must be allowed to pursue nursing by preparing them when they are still young through primary, secondary to tertiary through sponsorships and bursaries. Introducing of Aboriginal culture to the nursing curriculum will encourage more students from the community to join the nursing program as the program will have multicultural inclusive this will eliminate the dominance of other communities and bring equality in the career.

Stockholders in the nursing field are making efforts to increase and maintain a nursing career to the minority as a way of diversifying nursing to multicultural communities to bring equality in the field in order for to achieve this goal, more is being done in nursing education and practice to put it in on the chart of success.

The American college association of nursing is spearheading this exercise to bring on board minority who are black Americans, Asians, American Hindus, Hispanic and Alaska natives. They provide funds for the nursing project for the individual from these marginalized communities. These funds were used to reduce racial and ethnic health disparity contrary to what it was supposed to be used for. This is seen as a waste of fund as the fund was not used as it was to be used for. Education and training are important in assisting the nursing field to diverse and reduce disparity from minorities to pursue nursing; the stakeholders are doing tremendous work to achieve this.

By introducing nursing professionals in high schools and middle school through workshops encouraged the minorities to have an interest in a nursing career as the workshops created awareness to them to pursue the nursing career? The introduction of a nursing career to the elementary schools through the reading of the nurse’ s book by Menden and Armantrout by faculty students stimulated the kids to have the urge to know about nursing.

At the elementary school, kids are still unable to about the career they may want to pursue in future; I consider it as a waste of time as the kids have no understanding about the career. Recruitment of minority nursing program to work and live among their communities encourages the nurse to identify a potential person to also join the nursing community. Recruitment and retention of the nursing program are important, but the fact of redeploying the same nurses into their native community, it discourages diversity of this nursing program as the majority of people would wish to interact with other people from other communities to exchange the ideas and culture (Huston, 2008).

In my conclusion, I consider the field of nursing as diverse and the best way to encourage this is through encouraging those in the nursing program to interact freely. For example, the marginalized communities should not go back to their native communities to practice but they should be mixed or exchanged with less marginalized.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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