Luigi Pirandellos Six Characters in Search of An Author – Essay Example

The paper "Luigi Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of An Author" is an outstanding example of an essay on literature. The liberties of the BBC adaptation of Six Characters in Search of An Author are much in the spirit of Luigi Pirandello’s original play. Pirandello and the director want to challenge the viewer’s sense of self and make a point about madness- that if the product of creativity is mad, then we ourselves must be mad, too. A scene that specifically underlines this point stood out in my mind and continues to make light of the nuances of this famous work is the scene in the beginning, establishing the situation. The characters are introduced but then the re-emerge through a backlit doorway. The director gets perturbed at the actors for ruining his scene, though one actor makes a point that it is ridiculous to “force things into the mold of credibility, in order to give them the appearance of truth.” The incredible- or characters searching for an author- is something organic, maybe even justified. The character goes on to say that “mad as it is, is exactly what your profession tries to do. ” The absurdity of making fictional characters true to life is ridiculous when life is true to them. The “bringing of things to life” is an interesting goal and one that jars the director within the context of the play. If the point is bringing characters to life, than having characters living and searching for their creator should be a blessing in disguise. It isn’t though; it propagates madness that reflects upon creativity and the role of creativity. What is real? What can a human being actually create? If we strive for realism and realism is what we get, where can we go from there? In the end, it elucidates madness and the knowledge that the role of the human being as creator can drive one to utter insanity. Six Characters in Search of An Author explores the themes of creativity and insanity in order to comment on the creative process and life itself.