Tender Rituals – Essay Example

The paper "Tender Rituals" is an outstanding example of a sociology essay. On the first stanza of the text, “When I told you that rainy weather depressed me, you promised me the best rainy days of my life,” the rainy weather is a symbolism of the problems that the narrator had gone through in the past and later on finds comfort in the company of another being who promises her that life would still be fine despite the “rainy days.” The repetition of the word rainy days in the text plays a significant part in the story. It may symbolize of a “struggle” but on the later part we can see a shift of meaning, wherein two women found joy, pleasure, and refuge in each other’s arms on a cold “rainy day.” The narrator wanted to imply that “the best rainy days of her life” was when she had a “tender rituals” of sexual intercourse with another woman. The characters reflect women empowerment in the sense that they satisfy each other’s sexual needs even with the absence of men as partners and that they don’t need men only to fill-in that desire. This might hold true with the issue before that “lesbian relationships were more ethical, more pleasurable and more esteemed than traditional sexual practices involving men and women” (“Lesbian Relationships Originated”). Both seized pleasure and power in the story since they found contentment with the same sex. In the last part, it says, “Sweat mingles with the scent of our bodies, as we contentedly lie refreshed by the soft breeze that accompanies the rain.” The story implies that woman-to-woman relationship is possible to satisfy even the craziest desire for worldly pleasure. Everyone has equal rights to love, be loved and build the relationship (“Relationship Tips For”).