How to Prepare for and Take Test – Essay Example

The paper "How to Prepare for and Take Test " is an excellent example of an essay on education. A lot of people who have trouble taking tests have trouble because they don’t know the right way to study. They think that test taking is all about short-term memory, and a lot of it is, but it is also about learning things as the class goes on. I think to study for a test, I must study at all times. When a teacher talks, I try to take notes on everything she or he writes down on the board, and everything she or he stresses. Taking down notes as the teacher talks means learning from two different sources at once, learning from listening and learning from writing, and the words will stay in my brain. If I am studying a textbook, I try to have my book open during the lecture so that I can see what the teacher is talking about. I read the chapter before a test, especially for science classes where I need to understand what the teacher is saying. It also helps to go through the chapter after the lecture and a week before the test or exam. It would be a good idea to find another student in the class; we could read the chapter together, or discuss the lecture for the day. It really does help to talk about things. Saying things gets them in your brain much better than just listening or writing down. The night before the exam I try to take a few minutes and write about each of the chapters. I try to remember as much as I can without looking at the book; then I go and see if I missed anything important or if my thoughts are wrong. Usually, key things to write down are things the teacher has gone over in lecture, the headers in a chapter and the information beneath them, or the vocabulary words at the end of the chapter. I went to college in Cuba; there we never had multiple choice. The test was always about how to answer questions and writing as much as I knew about the question. I have to learn new ways to take tests here; in the USA, in the beginning, it was a little odd, but I am getting used to it. As long as I pay attention in class and take good notes I should know the information well enough to do great on any exam. It may seem like a lot of bothers, but it really only takes a little attention in class and a few minutes at home. If I just keep studying, soon those exams will be a breeze!