People Leave Bosses – Essay Example

The paper "People Leave Bosses" is an outstanding example of a management essay. There is absolute truth in the statement that “people don’t leave companies, they leave bosses.” Based on research and class materials, it one’s boss plays an integral role in the satisfaction of the employee and the overall experience an said employee has in the workplace, perhaps more so than the company itself. As an employee, one interacts most with one’s boss, and sometimes this can lead to degrading and disastrous employer-manager behavior. Florida State University did a survey on 700 people based on how they're treated at work. According to Carney (2007) the Associated Press at Florida State University found that 39% said their supervisor failed to keep promises, 37% said their supervisor failed to give credit when due, 31% said their supervisor gave them the "silent treatment, 27% said their supervisor made negative comments about them to others, 23% said their supervisor blamed others to cover up mistakes (p. 45). This is bad business practice and such unprofessionalism is intolerable. This shows that the behavior of some bosses can be unfair, irrational and just plain detrimental to the psyche and job satisfaction of the worker. According to Rediff India Abroad, “More and more companies are adopting a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying supervisors, especially when he is the cause of their losing valuable employees (Seshan, 2008).” The company, usually large and impersonal, must monitor the behavior of those put in a leadership and managerial role, because these are the people there to inspire the workers and overall, make the company a better, more productive workplace. 

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