The Importance of Participation in Decision Making – Essay Example

The paper "The Importance of Participation in Decision Making" is a wonderful example of a management essay.
The basic principle that Bill needs to use in terms of leading and developing his team is empowerment. While the importance of his business to himself cannot be denied, he must also realize that it is foolish of him to try and go at it alone. The business of publishing as well as creating content for the weekly magazine is such that micromanaging each aspect of it can only lead to him being drained. Bill needs to trust his employees and allow them to make their own decisions rather than to try and manage even the smallest issue in the company.
With micromanagement, employees may resent the idea that their work is undermined, changed and generally not given enough credit to be used as it is (De Dreu and West, 2001). Further, since Bill edits and writes a lot of the articles, it seems that the magazine is completely dependant on him being there. If he is not in the office or is unable to come to it, it is quite possible that the most important link in the chain would be gone. As recommended by Smith and Hayton (1999), he needs to have mechanisms in place which will train his employees to work like him even if he is not there. This has not been done in the past and it makes the entire company stand on weak footing since his current system of managing his employees leaves a lot to be desired.
Instead of micromanagement, Bill needs to manage less and let the team of writers make their own decisions as suggested by (Mathieu et. al., 2006). Not only will this bring more diversity in terms of how articles are written and produced, but it would also take the burden off Bill and allow him to engage in other activities which the magazine may need from him. Of course, this may also mean that Bill has to give up some control over the magazine but it can be assumed that he has made the right hiring decisions when he recruited these individuals. That means that he will have to trust his hiring decision as well as place trust in the idea that his employees will follow his vision and not impose their own on the magazine articles.

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