A Good Manager: Enron Corporation Case – Essay Example

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The paper "A Good Manager: Enron Corporation Case" is a wonderful example of a management essay. A manager is a person responsible for the production and human resources of a business organization. He is a person that is supposed to provide leadership to his subordinates. His personal actions serve as an example of the type of behavior that is expected from the general population of employees in a firm. The manager is the figure that represents the organization behavior of a firm. For example, think of the action of the managerial team of the former energy leader Enron Corporation.

The unethical actions of the executive staff left a bad overall impression of the entire employee staff at Enron, which many people must have been unethical employees as well when in reality most of them were not even aware of the situation. The manager is supposed to lead by example and provide motivation and inspiration to his/her subordinates. Imagine a manager who is constantly slacking off at work and promotes a working atmosphere of irresponsible behavior. His actions are going to make the regular employer believe that they can do the same and ineffectiveness and low production will become a part of the organizational culture.

The manager is the person who has the highest level of responsibility within the corporate hierarchy. People expect more from individuals in high profile positions. The expectations for the newly elected president of the United States are high in terms of social responsibility as well as economic performance. He is the person who is supposed to manage a nation in need of change. His behavior, actions, and decisions are reflective of American society as a whole.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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