Leaders, Ethics and Schools: Case of Good Intentions – Essay Example

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The paper "Leaders, Ethics and Schools: Case of Good Intentions" is a brilliant example of an essay on education. Education is mostly accepted by the students but the need to pay have to school fees is completely challenging. These financial problems affect the staff performance process. This also affects the teacher’ s payroll and the number of students in the class. It is therefore important to come up with solutions to help in tackling this issue, the service to serve all and to gain both sides trust is important served (Thomas Sergiovanni 1990, 1996 and Robert Starratt 2004).

This decision will accommodate both parties. Using these skills of serving others and not to be served helps in bridging the understanding between the students and the teachers. Talking to both parties will simply bring an agreement.   Another issue is the harassment of employees, it can be in reduced by giving them both the chances they need and listening to their plea concerning the reduction and changing of their health caretaking from a single comprehensive to an inexpensive health organization, this can be intended especially to belittle the employees, it can be alleged and intended, but this problem greatly affect the leadership skills and ethics, it creates a sense of not belonging among the employees, therefore, leaders should be able to avoid such harassment and maintain peace with its   or students, giving a listening ear to them when they confront them with issues or problems and finding the possible solutions to such problems affecting them, this will not only create trust but peace between the leaders and the students as.

Teachers will need not to be harassed while doing their duties, this will enable them to do their work diligently and agree on the terms set for them to accomplish their syllabus on time.

Offering a costly persevered health within an organization (PPO) and inexpensive several health organizations which are relatively cheap and helps in reducing the cost, this will cut some of the cost used by the staff members and hence equitability of all the staff members. This prevents some of the members getting better health care than others, it is, therefore, appropriate for all the members to be treated equally irrespective of who they are or what they represent within the district.

Despite the payment level of each employ, (Strike 1999). when it comes to health cost, they should always be regarded as equals. Even though some of the staff members feel that it’ s being unfair to them, coping with this will help in cost reduction. It is, therefore, important to implement certain protocols equally for both the staff members in order for all of them to feel wanted and equal, this actually reduces the level of doubt and some feel as if they are belittled.

This will help in increasing their performance when it comes to tackling their duties as teachers and staff members (Gentile 2010). Thoughtfully, this creates fairness and loyalty at work.   Voicing their concerns regarding the switching from a single comprehensive health plan to OPP helped in listening to them and understanding their point of view, this ethical issue is morally important in constructing the wellbeing of the employees, their plight and plea are what sustains the performance of an organization (Enderle, 1987).

While distributing these resources, it is important to be committed to the members not only in leading them but also in being part of whatever they are doing as a community. Another problem that was discovered by the committee members was a lack of equality among the staff members. Some were given high payment compared to the rest and even though their payment was not equal they still received the same medical attention (price 2008). It is therefore decided that they both have equal payment by practicing equitability of resources amongst them.

This will make them feel equal and well appreciated in all they do. It is important to look for the welfare of all the staff members by providing equitable services to all of them irrespective of their status or role they play within the organization. This will definitely create a sense of belonging and trust amongst their leaders and themselves.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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