From Columbella, On Agriculture – Essay Example

The paper "From Columbella, On Agriculture" is a good example of a literature essay. The essay aims to address the following questions after reading the discourse on “From Columbella, On Agriculture”, to wit: (1) what dilemmas faced a Roman slave owner? (2) How harsh could he be in treating the slave? And (3) how control maintained? The dilemmas that faced a Roman slave owner as revealed from the article are as follows: (1) functions of providing responsibilities to the foreman and the slave in terms of assigning tasks and monitoring their performance; (2) determining the characteristics of the foreman and the slave to delegate tasks that are compatible with traits such as physical appearance and behavior; (3) inspecting the security and safety of the slaves in their respective prison cells; (4) being directly involved in tasting the quality of food and drink being given to the slave; as well as examining clothes, foot and hand coverings; and (5) granting permission to file complaints and privileges (such as exemption from work for pregnant slaves and even freedom). A Roman slave owner could be harsh in treating the slave, only in so far that protection and security are assured. Binding them in chains and ensuring that they are well-guarded could be regarded in contemporary times as harsh treatment. However, during those days, these activities are actually expected from the Roman landowners. In this regard, control could be maintained by the landowners through close supervision and direct inspection of both the foreman who has direct governance on the slaves and of the slaves themselves. The Roman landlord maintains control by transferring lazy slaves to farms to train them of hard work; assigning companions to the foreman to be of assistance; not allowing the foreman to the city or weekly market; monitoring the foreman’s duties that should be carried out without laxity or cruelty; and being directly involved in matters of security, safety and governance.