Language for Communicating to People – Essay Example

The paper "Language for Communicating to People" is a great example of an essay on English. In daily life situation, language has been given prestigious recognition because from it, we get to communicate among ourselves. As a matter of fact, language is a very powerful tool that is used in society to influence people. It can evoke the emotions, thoughts, and memories of the people (Eliot 209). Many writers, who are renowned for their outstanding literary works, authors of books and articles, do use the specific chain of events that are designed to evoke a desired emotional response to a reader. For their work to represent the real-life situation, incorporation of objective correlation in the work becomes paramount. Objective correlation symbolizes what the writer has in mind and hence evokes the desired reaction to the readers. For instance, the word ‘red swan’ denotes the Greek god called Zeus that had raped Leda. Upon its usage, it can symbolize male aggression towards women. As weather forecast staff, I use the language efficiently to influence people, concerning what kind of clothes they should put on in a given day. For example, cloudy daybreak and availability of the snow during the day would represent a cold day (Hardy 57-88). Therefore the audience should put on heavy jackets to curb the cold. Objective correlative can also find its application in various statements that later on can influence the emotions of the readers. For instance, a statement like, ‘all people, men, and women, looked at the accident scene tongue-tied,’ actually signifies that upon the arrival of the people at the scene, both men and women were amazed! The language is such a powerful tool, for communicating to people and influencing the desired emotional aspect, it should be well used.